We are one of the few leading Cyprus litigation law firms who sue the banks in substantial finance related litigation. We have a track record of success against the banks and we are practically free of the conflicts of interest which prevent most top litigation law firms from suing the financial institutions.

Our specialist team acts in claims against banks involving a wide variety of financial instruments including loan agreements and facilities, letters of credit, guarantees, performance bonds, excess interest rates, repo agreements and various forms of collateralised debt obligations including mortgage-backed securities. We have particular expertise in acting on claims against The Bank of Cyprus, The Cyprus Popular Bank, The Hellenic and the majority of the banks operating commercially in Cyprus.

Our Banking Litigation team has specialist expertise in the key methods of protection and recovery in this sector, including injunctive relief and asset tracing.

We are currently handling more than 100 banking litigation cases for multimillion claims, defences or counterclaims.

Civil Litigation including Civil Fraud

Civil litigation is the process for resolving public and private legal disputes on civil matters that seeks money damages or specific performance through negotiation or through the courts, including:

Bankruptcy & Insolvency proceedings

Commercial & Financial Disputes

Corporate Internal Investigations

Debt recovery

Disputes arising from the sale of goods

Money Laundering Investigations

Mortgage Fraud Investigations

Serious Fraud Office Investigations

The great bulk of corporate law deals with relationships among the owners and managers of firms. Those relationships are, at bottom, contractual, in the sense that the parties involved enter into them voluntarily and they do not directly affect third parties.

We have a team of experienced lawyers who are familiar with the needs of all clients whether small or large.  Our expertise that has developed over the years enables us to meet your needs and expectations. We can provide advice on all range of issues which business managers and directors face today. These issues range from terms and conditions of trading to the responsibilities of the director, including:

Agency/Distribution Agreements

Commercial Agreements and Contracts

Company Formation

Contractors Service Agreements

Corporate Finance

Corporate Insolvency

Debt Collection

Director Responsibilities

Franchise Agreements

Guarantees and Indemnities

Joint Venture

Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnership Formations

Shareholder Agreements

Terms and Conditions of Trading

Unincorporated Business

Derivative Actions

Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It regulates social conduct and proscribes threatening, harming, or otherwise endangering the health, safety, and moral welfare of people. It includes the punishment of people who violate these laws. Criminal law differs from civil law, whose emphasis is more on dispute resolution and victim compensation than on punishment.

We are experts in criminal, prison, motoring law and serious fraud. Our team of criminal and prison law specialists represent clients in cases all across the island.

Our specialist debt recovery division offers a full range of debt recovery solutions to the credit industry including:

Account Monitoring

Collection by use of Court Proceedings


Debt Recovery

Full range of enforcement options, e.g. Charging Orders, Winding-Up Petitions, Bankruptcy, etc.

Insolvency services


Means Assessment

Process Serving


Specialist advice and debt recovery solutions in disputed cases

Temporary Injunctions


Training/education seminars

We advise employers and employees on the following matters:

Adequate protection against dismissal


Dismissal proceedings


Employment Disputes



Pensions Disputes

Share options

Social Insurance disputes

The impact of restrictive covenants

The terms of your contract of employment

There are few more complex and difficult disputes than trust disputes and contentious probate issues. Large sums are often at stake in circumstances where relationships between family members, beneficiaries, trustees and advisors are sensitive and often involve extensive history.

Trust and probate law is not only complex itself but requires judgments of reasonableness in the context of international finance. Cases range from mental capacity to execute wills and/or operate trusts to international disputes involving the suitability of complex debt instruments as trust investments and the proper administration of extensive international trust assets.

Contentious probate cases are often complex and for this reason it’s important to seek legal advice that you can trust. We will tailor our services to suit your dispute case, whether it is involving a will or trust. We offer sympathetic, practical advice and support that aims to achieve the best outcome for all of our clients. Our complete contentious probate service covers:


Probate & Estate Administration

Inheritance Tax


Powers of Attorney

Court of Protection

We are a law firm specializing in insurance coverage, acting for policyholders, individuals and companies. We decline to act for insurers in order to avoid conflicts of duty and duty or interest.

We provide specialist coverage advice to all types of clients in order to ensure the best possible commercial result is achieved. We have successfully obtained substantial insurance settlements for our clients in relation to disputes arising under numerous different types of insurance policies including:


Business Interruption insurance

Contractors’ all risks insurance


Health insurance

Motor insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Property/Material damage insurance

Public liability insurance

Sports personal accident insurance

At the Intersection of IP Protection and Business

Working at the crossroad of emerging patent and IP laws and competitive business practices, McGlinchey Stafford’s intellectual property attorneys counsel national and global commercial leaders, research and development teams, educational institutions and innovators.

In 2008 the renowned intellectual property law boutique of Sieberth & Patty, LLC merged with McGlinchey Stafford, deepening our five decades of IP practice experience and service to clients. We have significant strength in IP issues facing the chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and mechanical equipment industries.

From defending patent interference claims made by a Nobel Laureate chemist, to enforcing injunctions that protected a retailer’s trade secrets, our IP attorneys help clients establish, extend, monetize and defend IP assets and portfolios.

Our team of IP attorneys secures and defends vital patentcopyrighttrademark and trade secret rights. Hundreds of successful patent applications, as well as the resolution of complex IP issues and litigation, form the foundation of representative matters for our IP practice.

The extensive technical background of our attorneys influences a practice approach that is proactive, cost-efficient and forward-thinking. And highly effective.

Practice Scope – Filing, Prosecution, Litigation and Counsel

Our range of IP services anticipates the burgeoning need of today’s companies and research leaders. When appropriate, we collaborate with firm colleagues in other practice areas to provide comprehensive IP counsel and services, which include:

Patents – U.S. and foreign patent application preparation, prosecution, appeals and interferences. We guide clients through the process and routinely obtain broad and valid patents for research centers, educational institutions, and commercial research and development teams.

Trademarks – Every business needs trademark protection and our attorneys are highly experienced in evaluating and strategically managing trademark assets. We provide comprehensive counsel on U.S. and foreign trademark/service mark applications, prosecution and appeals, and trademark and trade name availability searches.

IP Litigation and Enforcement – Experienced and effective at both defending and enforcing protections, our IP attorneys act aggressively against threats to our clients’ assets. For example, for such diverse clients as an oil and gas exploration company and a publicly-traded insurance brokerage, we protected competitive, multimillion dollar agreements and assets by prevailing during injunction proceedings. Trademark, trade secret and unfair competition litigation matters are also areas of achievement. Our experience includes favorable litigation outcomes in all resolution forums, including mediation and arbitration.

Copyrights – U.S. and foreign copyright applications, publishing and related contracts.

Licensing and Transfers and IP Portfolio Management – Technology transfers, novelty and validity searches, legal opinions and counseling are part of our practice background. Our experience includes negotiating pharmaceutical licenses and highly complex, international licensing agreements for wireless technology used by the blind.

Acquisitions and Sales of IP Assets – We offer opinions and provide due diligence during commercial transactions and have extensive experience working with venture capital investors in IP asset evaluations.

IP Advice and Counsel – Our opinions and advisory experience includes matters involving antitrust and IP issues, noncompete agreements and insurance coverage for IP matters. Additionally, we advise on structuring businesses, IP holdings and agreements within an IP-focused, protective and practical framework.

Trade Secret Protection Counseling – When seeking a patent, our clients may have to reveal valuable trade secrets and other proprietary intelligence. Also, some business models require consideration of trade secret protection strategies as a viable alternative to patent protection. Our attorneys provide strategic counsel on achieving critical protections while commercializing IP assets with trade secret implications.

Expert Witness Consulting – Because of our consistent record of achievement in the IP arena, especially within the chemical and manufacturing sectors, we are asked to appear as expert witnesses and/or consultants from time to time. Several of our attorneys provide expert testimony during litigation matters and are available for pre-trial consultation and in the courtroom.

We will expertly advise and guide you through the often complex legal matrimonial process. We will assign a specialist qualified and experienced lawyer to work with you and your case and to advise you on every step of the way. We are experts in

Divorce & Separation

Family & Children Law

Care Proceedings


Family Financial Matters

We have unrivalled experience in procurement litigation, having acted successfully in substantial Supreme Court cases involving new law challenges in public procurement.

Drawing on the top-rated expertise of our Procurement team, led by our Chief Advocate Andreas Demetriades, combined with the extensive litigation experience of our Law Form, we advised clients on the tactics, procedure and, generally, all aspects of preparing for and pursuing, or defending, formal procurement challenges.

From early, specialist advice in what is frequently an urgent matter of public interest, quite apart from the time constraints and deadlines imposed by the Regulations, through to seeking the appropriate court orders – whether that is raising proceedings to prohibit contracting, applying for an interim order to bring a prohibition to an end or damages.

Our team has the breadth and depth of experience to advise you fully in this highly specialist and complex area of law.

We advise on all dispute avoidance and resolution matters focussing exclusively on the real estate industry.

We have a sophisticated Real Estate litigation practice that includes handling contentious mortgage foreclosure; complex construction litigation; lawsuits between purchasers and sellers of real estate; actions on behalf of shopping center owners and tenants; landlord/tenant controversies involving commercial real estate including escalation disputes; actions among partners or members of partnerships, joint ventures or limited liability companies; brokerage disputes; and litigations challenging development projects. We are representing the real estate borrower, the landlord or the tenant.

As a matter of principle, in order to avoid conflicts of duty and duty or interest, we do not represent banks or the lenders. We always act against banks or lenders.

Our real estate litigation advocates offer you practical and innovative dispute avoidance and resolution services based on a close working knowledge of the sector.

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